Tuesday, 21 January 2014

IRS Meeting 21 Jan 2014

Jonathan: Talk about fossil fuels and where the fuels can be found.
Veena: Talk about the questions
Sneha: notetaker
Olivia: -Absent-

Hey guys, I think the following questions are the best:
1.What are the countries consuming the most fossil fuels?
2.What is the average cost of a barrel of oil?
3.How has inflation caused the cost of oil to increase?
4.How is oil formed?
5.What is gas?
6.Which country imports the most oil?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

About Us

Leader: Jonathan Liew

Blog Manager: Sneha Vinod

Personal Relations Manager: Olivia Monteiro

Note taker: Veena Dinesh Wadhawani


Hi, I POSTED THE FIRST BLOG!!! yay!!! XD (looks horrible)
anyway, we need to do the
1. questions
2. research justification
3. report
4. Video
5. take a group photo if im not wrong and post it up
6. survey

ありがとうto all!
means thank you.

esp to sneha for making the blog. we should discuss on friday, 17 jan