Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Minutes of Meeting 3

Meeting Minutes

  1. Jonathan Liew Chong Kai
  2. Sneha Vinod
  3. Veena Dinesh Wadhwani

1. Olivia Monteiro Chuan Xi

Issue or Topic:
Fossil Fuels
Brought to attention by:
Veena,Sneha and Olivia
Points of Discussion:
1.Talked about narrowing down the topic, only choosing 2-3 types of fossil fuels to focus on and finalised it.
2.What about fossil fuels are we researching on
Action Required:
Finalise topic and narrow them down

Issue or Topic:
Generating Questions
Brought to attention by:
Points of Discussion:
1. We generated questions that we want to know more about of our topic
2.Searched for answers for a few questions that we were able to find to understand topic.
Action Required:
Finish up generating questions and pick 3 main ones

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