Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Excecutive summmary

Aim of study:
Our chosen area of focus is “Energy”. We have chosen this topic as energy is a necessity in our life and is vital for our survival. We want to create awareness that fossil fuels are depleting on Mother Earth and eventually we will no longer be able to rely on this source of energy. The aim of our report is to highlight the importance of all types of energy and that we should try our best to conserve the energy for a brighter and greener future. Our human population has been using fossil fuels since 1820 to this present day. Fossil fuels are natural fuels such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms.  Damage is done to the environment when we extract these fossil fuels out of the ground and when we burn them as a fuel source. To deal with the threat of climate change, we have to reduce the emissions that we produce in ways such as to reduce the damage done to fossil fuels or find an alternative energy source.  During the course of history, societies have built an extensive infrastructure which requires constant maintenance for its proper functioning. This adds the energy needs of the daily activities of industry, commerce and private life. When fossil fuels begin to deplete rapidly, it is difficult to judge how societies will manage, for dependence on fossil fuels has landed us in a trap. Historically, it has taken 40-50 years for a new energy source to increase from 1% to 10% of market share. To reach 50% has taken almost a century. We must now face this predicament and find ways to cope.

Depth of study:
In our report, we will investigate the energy usage in Singapore, energy usage patterns in Singapore, types of generators made to generate energy for the world, the efficiency of each of the generators and finally, discuss ways to decrease the rate of global warming and also manage to preserve a way for a long time.

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