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7. Recommendations

One way we can help to reduce the usage of fossil fuels is our form of transport. We can use public transport instead of our own private vehicles. Using public transport will allow us to consume lesser amount of fossil fuels as compared to owning a car, bike, van, or any private vehicles each. This way we will be able to reduce the use of fuels and thus conserving it. Secondly, riding a bicycle or walking to our destinations is also definitely  much better than taking public transport or private vehicles. Riding a bicycle or walking does not require any fuels and is thus a very good way to conserve a huge amount of fossil fuels. We can also keep fit when cycling or walking and will thus kill two birds with one stone (keeping fit and conserving fossil fuels). Lastly, buying hybrid or electric cars should be taken into consideration if you really wish to get your own car. At least you will be able to save some fossil fuels if you get a hybrid or electric car.
To sum up our recommendations in the area of transportation, this are some ways we all can conserve fossil fuels:
  • Ride a bike or walk to your destination instead of using vehicles.
  • Avoid the use of our own vehicles and use public transport more often.
  • If you want to buy cars consider buying hybrid or electric cars.

Another way to reduce usage of fossil fuels is to reduce and reuse. Reduce the use of items that requires burning of fossil fuels will help to conserve it and at the same time help to prevent another huge problem in the world, global warming. One way would be to reduce the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags actually requires the burning of fossil fuels in its manufacturing process. Therefore reducing the use of plastic bags would be good to conserve fossil fuels and since smoke is emitted when the fossil fuels are burnt, reducing the use of plastic bags will lower the manufacturing rate and thus lowering the amount of smoke emitted, helping to reduce global warming. Reusing plastic bags will also make sure that we do not keep taking new plastic bags whenever we go shopping which will thus lead to lower manufacturing rate. Another way is to also reuse old cans. Making new cans take up much more fossil fuel than recycling old ones. Recycling will also help in conserving fossil fuels as they will not need to make another new can. Lastly, conserving electricity whenever possible is greatly encouraged so participating in Earth hour can also help in the conserving of fossil fuels. Lots of fossil fuels are burned all the time to generate electricity to our homes, so switch of electrical appliances whenever possible to help reduce the usage of fossil fuels.
These are the few ways we can help to conserve fossil fuels through reducing and reusing:
  • Reduce use of plastic bags as most plastic bags use fossil fuels in its manufacture
  • Reduce Reuse and Recycle. making new cans take up much more fossil fuels than recycling your old ones
  • Try conserving electricity whenever possible by switching off electrical appliances whenever possible. This will conserve the energy used to generate electricity this conserving fossil fuels

Using renewable energy is an alternative way to help conserve our fossil fuels. Renewable energy, as the name suggests can be renewed and thus we will not have to worry about it running out. We can keep using it over and over again and it will last us for a very long time. Some types of renewable energy are: Biomass, Water, Geothermal, Wind and Solar.
Types of alternative sources that can be taken into consideration are:
  • Biomass
  • Water
  • Geothermal
  • Wind
  • Solar

One of the more popular ways is to raise awareness by giving educational talks to public and in schools. This way we will be able to educate them and make them realise how important it is to conserve fossil fuels right now. It will raise their awareness in an important problem that the world is currently facing. Through talks, our recommendations to conserve fossil fuels will be able to be heard by them and hopefully they will do their best to help.
To summarise, one way to conserve energy is:
  • Give talks in schools and the public to educate them.

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